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Hi y’all I’m Nicholas from Rough Rider.

Introducing ‘Sabor del Desierto’ – a cocktail that weaves the flavors of my Arizona roots and Mexican heritage into a glass of pure delight. 🌵🇲🇽

Crafted with Del Bac Single Malt Whisky Classic, the smoky essence of the desert, and the bold character of Ramazzati. House-made horchata, sweet Demerara, and a touch of PX sherry give it that warm, sun-soaked depth we love.

Angostura and ginger bitters add the perfect spice, while a lemon expression and a delicate garnish, a twist of lemon coiled around a cinnamon stick, make each sip a journey.

With a little Arizona dust and a dash of Mexican magic, ‘Sabor del Desierto’ is a toast to my roots and the incredible blend of flavors they’ve gifted us. Cheers to the desert’s soul in a glass. 🌞🥃🌵 🦂


▪️1 1/2 oz Del Bac Whiskey Classic
▪️1 oz Homemade Horchata Concentrate
▪️1/4 oz Ramazzotti Amaro
▪️1/4 oz Demerara
▪️Bar Spoon of PX Sherry
▪️1 Dash of Angostura Bitters
▪️1 Dash of Ginger Bitters
▪️Lemon Expression

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