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Author: Steven Shoppman

Born and raised in Dodge City, Kansas, Mark has been in the spirits industry for 14 years, distilling eight of them, and our head distiller for the past three.  “The stories Whiskey Del Bac tells through our whiskeys resonate,” Mark said. “We work to simultaneously honor the culinary and libationary history of Tucson while helping forge new ground with our uniquely Sonoran-inspired whiskeys. To be able to work with such an amazing te

While Father’s Day is supposed to be all about dad…we are going to make it a little about you too. This year, we are offering a deal you can’t pass up. We love dads!…this company is a father daughter affair after all. So in honor of all dads out there, we are going to make it easier than ever to impress your dad this year. Buy any bottle of Whiskey Del Bac®* for Dad and get a bottle of Sentinel of the Desert™ for you on us (or yo

Nicole Lewis is an Arizona native from South Phoenix who recently moved to Tucson to join the team as Whiskey Del Bac’s Sales & Experiences Director! Nicole has been in the American Single Malt industry for 2 years and got started with Westward Whiskey in Portland, Oregon. While in Portland, Nicole also graduated from Lewis & Clark College with a degree in Anthropology with a research focus in mental health & immigration studies. “One my of

We are thrilled to announce our hiring of Scott Richardson as Sales Director in the west coast. In his new role, Richardson will be responsible for growing the entire Whiskey Del Bac portfolio across coastal markets with a special focus on building the brand’s footprint in California.  Richardson comes to Whiskey Del Bac with 13 years of spirits-focused experience across large and small suppliers of single malt whisky, bourbon, rye, tequila, mezcal, vod

We are proud to announce that Whiskey Del Bac brought home six medals at the American Craft Spirits Association 10th Annual Judging of Craft Spirits, and we brought home the most gold medals of any distillery across all categories!  So, What is the American Craft Spirits Association? As the only registered national nonprofit trade group representing the U.S. craft spirits industry, their mission is to elevate and advocate for the community of craft sp

From our Founder, Stephen Paul My best whiskey gift is bottle of whiskey and a shared experience. Depending on what kind of whiskey my friend likes, be it a rye, bourbon, Scotch or American Single Malt, I grab them a bottle of their favorite style of whiskey that they have never tried before and take them somewhere for an awesome experience. A day trip to Chiricahua National Monument, a hike on the Yetman Trail, or birdwatching in Sweetwater Wetlands are a

We know how important and hard working our military is and we want to say thank you with a offer for veterans and active duty military to enjoy a free tour and tasting over the weekend. But wait, that’s not all. After your tour, we want to deck you out with a free hat also! Make sure to bring your military ID with you when you arrive. You can book the tour online with discount code VETERANS23. Our tours are Friday 6pm, Saturday 12pm, 3pm, 6pm and Sun


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