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Meet the Team – Nicole Lewis

Meet the Team – Nicole Lewis

Nicole Lewis is an Arizona native from South Phoenix who recently moved to Tucson to join the team as Whiskey Del Bac’s Sales & Experiences Director! Nicole has been in the American Single Malt industry for 2 years and got started with Westward Whiskey in Portland, Oregon. While in Portland, Nicole also graduated from Lewis & Clark College with a degree in Anthropology with a research focus in mental health & immigration studies.

“One my of my favorite parts about working at a distillery is that they are very connected to the culture of the city”, describes Nicole, “I never saw myself working in the craft spirits industry but it compliments my Anthropology degree in such a unique way and I feel very lucky to be working in a sensory environment with other creatives”. 

Nicole’s favorite whiskey from Del Bac is the Fall Distiller’s Cut of 2023 and the Frontera. Nicole enjoys hiking around Tucson, karaoke, knitting, and finding their next favorite cocktail bar around town! 

Why is this awesome for whiskey del bac?

With Nicole at the distillery, we will have more tours, classes, and more available. Previously, we were a bit short staffed in the sales and experiences department, so this hire is going to make visits to the distillery and online sales even better for you! We are excited to enhance our consumer experiences in the coming months, so stay tuned to our events calendar to make sure you don’t miss the next great one!


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