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The Best Whiskey Gifts Recommended by the Whiskey Del Bac Team

It is that time of the year and there are about a thousand lists of gifts to get your loved ones, but we put together something special…a list of gifts for whiskey lovers recommended by whiskey professionals. These are the favorites of our team here at Whiskey Del Bac.

From our Founder, Stephen Paul

My best whiskey gift is bottle of whiskey and a shared experience. Depending on what kind of whiskey my friend likes, be it a rye, bourbon, Scotch or American Single Malt, I grab them a bottle of their favorite style of whiskey that they have never tried before and take them somewhere for an awesome experience. A day trip to Chiricahua National Monument, a hike on the Yetman Trail, or birdwatching in Sweetwater Wetlands are all good choices, followed by a dram and a cheers on the tailgate of my truck.

From our VP of Marketing, Jake Wheatley

The Diamond Cut Cocktail Mixing Glass from A Bar Above is a sturdy, classy glass at less than $30, it’s perfect for mixing whiskey cocktails at home. Solid stocking stuffer.

From our Tour Guide, Jeff Eagan

Ice molds to make big cubes are great. It is one of the best ways to enjoy a nice whiskey and these days there are a ton of options. The silicone molds work the best to make for easy retrieval of the cubes after they freeze. With hundreds of options of size and style, you can find the perfect one for your gift.

From our Regional Sales Manager, Ryan Schroeder

Vintage decanters are a great gift for that person that loves whiskey and also likes to enjoy it in a timeless way. A mix of classic style and nostalgia, vintage decanters are a great way to up a whiskey lovers game.

There is no better way to compliment a nice decanter than with nice set of glassware. This is one where you can go deep down the rabbit hole, whether with a nice vintage set or something modern, but nothing compliments a nice drink of whiskey than a beautiful glass to enjoy it in.

Linton makes an impressive set that has iconic mountains at the bottom of your glass. The best part? These glasses are nice and heavy, so they are hard to break.

From our distiller, Abbey Fife

Hey, it is shameless promotion, but grab a gift certificate for distillery tour, it is a great way to get some people together and enjoy some whiskey while learning something. Or if they are out of town, some interesting bitters are a great option.

From our CEO, Kent Cheeseman

Clearly, a bottle of whiskey is a perfect gift for a whiskey lover, but something that is hard to get is even cooler. Many distilleries have seasonal or limited release bottles, which is a super unique way to impress a whiskey geek. Our Ode to Islay sells out quickly each year, but there is still time. It is available both in AZ and through our retail partner for shipment to most states…so whether you tastefully choose some Whiskey Del Bac or find another option, get them something limited release!


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