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What a weekend! Ode to Islay is already almost gone!

It is truly flattering when you have a group of whiskey lovers show such a level of excitement for one of our releases. Thank you so much for the incredible level of support for this year’s Ode to Islay. This year we released 50% more bottles than last year and are on track to sell out of them even faster than last year.

don’t wait, we only have 100 bottles left in AZ.

For those of you out of state that have put in your orders, we apologize that we did not anticipate demand with our new shipping partner. Again it is an honor to have so many people interested in grabbing a bottle. With that, many of your orders have already been processed, but to catch up with demand we are expediting more cases to meet the demand outside of AZ.

Again, thank you so much and we sincerely appreciate your patience as this delay may cause your bottles to be as much as a couple weeks delayed in getting to you. Rest assured, the bottles will get there eventually, and if your order is already placed, your bottle is reserved. So no need to worry that we will run out before you get yours. Our ability to ship all over the USA is brand new to us too, so we have a few kinks to iron out, but moving forward you should be able to get your orders much quicker as we solve the issues.

Thanks Again!

The Whiskey Del Bac Team


For years we’ve released a bold, heavily-smoked American Single Malt inspired by the super-smoky single malts of Islay (ai – luh). Formerly known as Winter Release, we’ve renamed this classic expression “Ode to Islay.” This expression is our way to raise a glass to tradition and pave our way with Southwestern ingredients – Ode to Islay is heavily mesquited. Not peated. It also joins the Global Cask Collection as a limited annual release like Frontera and Normandie.

This year’s Ode to Islay is our mesquited-not-peated American Single Malt finished in a mix of ex-rye, bourbon, and second-use Whiskey Del Bac Dorado casks.

The final result is a beautiful love letter to both inspirations. The last Ode to Islay expression earned a 9/10 from Malt Review Magazine and secured 91 points from Whisky Advocate.

Tasting Notes:

On the nose

You may find cocoa nibs, cinnamon, charred mesquite, and earth. On the palate, you may find soft vanilla up front, blossoming into plumes of mesquite smoke and white pepper, tapering off into soft cinnamon and candied toffee.

On the rocks

You may find the mesquite moves to the forefront, contrasting against new notes of vanilla and dried stone fruit. The pepper spice recedes, replaced by notes of honey and butterscotch.

Our recommendation is to serve Ode To Islay with one large ice cube.

55% ABV | 110 PROOF

750 ML


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