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93 Points for Frontera and Normandie in Whiskey Advocate Fall 2023

We are proud to get two new 93 point ratings in Whiskey Advocate for our Global Cask Collection. Both Normandie, finished in calvados casks, and Frontera, finish it in Pedro Ximénez Sherry botas were featured in the 2023 Fall issue of Whiskey Advocate!

Frontera Review

Lovely aromas of wood spice and torched orange are swiftly joined by pound cake, sugar cookie, vanilla bean, and a hint of must. The palate is just as beguiling, sprinkled with delicately sweet notes of yellow cupcake, buttercream frosting, and dulce de leche, and later, bursts of cherry pie, toasted almonds, and caramel syrup. Lemon peel on the finish, as well as dark roast coffee with turbinado sugar.

Julia Higgins

Normandie Review

Part of the Global Cask Collection, this expression is finished in calvados casks. The nose is all caramel, butterscotch, and vanilla frosted cupcakes. The palate is sweet and savory with apple pie, toasted bread, and a hint of grill char, all backed up by musty malts and fresh-cracked black pepper. The finish has decent length and retains the palate’s pepperiness and the nose’s toffee sweetness.

Shane English

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